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Mindfulness & Stress Management Tools

Personal well-being means something different for everyone. In addition to a variety of fitness resources, we also want to provide you with mindfulness and stress reduction tools including wellness articles, mindfulness tools and weekly 15-minute, live mindfulness workshops. See schedule below for topics, dates and to register. Workshops will be posted on our Vimeo channel the next day so subscribe for updates.

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Wellness Videos

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Mindful Breath Workshop

You hanging in there? We could probably all use a mental health break right about now. Join Vivecorp Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor Abbe Lake for a quick breather (literally). You’ll learn why the breath is such a simple and effective mindfulness tool and practice two simple techniques that can help you to stay calm and focused under stressful circumstances.

Mindfulness Exercises Workshop

Join Vivecorp Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor Abbe Lake for simple mindfulness exercises to practice during times of stress and chaos. You’ll learn why practicing mindfulness helps to bring you back when you’re spinning out and practice some quick and easy exercises you can use during charged moments. 


Discover the right tools for your organization.

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