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The Benefits of Strength Training

The benefits to adding strength training to your routine are countless. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved muscle strength and tone to protect your joints from injury

  • Maintaining flexibility and balance, which may help you remain independent as you age

  • Weight management

  • Greater stamina

  • Improved sleep and avoidance of insomnia

  • The prevention or control of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

How Often Should I Strength Train?

We recommend you participate in strength building activities at least two days a week. These activities should work all major muscle groups, which includes legs, hips, back, chest, core, shoulders and arms. It’s important to pay attention to safety and form when doing these exercises in order to reduce the risk of injury. Your Elements coach will teach you proper form throughout the program.

How Many Exercises Should I Do?

Most strength training programs involve eight to ten exercises targeting major muscles. The number of times you continuously perform an exercise is called a repetition and the group of repetitions performed without resting is called a set.

How Hard Should I Be Working?

To gain strength, the exercise should be performed to the point where it’s hard for you to complete another repetition. The aim is to use the proper weight or resistance to challenge the muscle, but still maintain proper form. Repetitions are a goal to work towards. It’s ok if you start the set and don’t make it all the way to the last repetition since the ultimate goal is muscle fatigue.

Ultimately, strength training is important to your everyday health and we’ll help you make it part of your health and fitness plans.

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