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Are your wellness & fitness programs being used,

or do the programs just check a “we have a wellness program” box?


Would you like a program people understand, embrace and actually use?


We can do that. 

of wellness participants increased their engagement in company mission and goals.


Vivecorp transforms the client experience through thoughtful collaboration and a unique approach to program design.

We help you uncheck the box.

Before we partnered with Vivecorp to manage our fitness center, the facility was used by a small core of 40-50 employees out of 1000 in our corporate office.  In order to increase usage of this valuable asset, the company hired Vivecorp to not only provide suggestions on creating a more welcome layout and design, but to bring in personal trainers that were skilled in working with corporate employees.


Within six months of implementing the changes to our fitness center and programs, use of the facility grew from a core of 40-50 users to well over 300.  We believe Vivecorp's approach and experience in corporate fitness programs, as well as high quality staffing, were the primary reasons for this positive outcome.  Thank you, Vivecorp!   


Michael Swenson, Russell Investments

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